Secretary Carson: A Poverty of the Mind

Author: Brennan E. Wells

Inside the Washington D.C Beltway. there is a perception that those who are employed in this area operate in the market place of ideas. Ideas that translate into policy and/or actionable items in various areas of industry. Ideas that touch a wide range of spheres such as, public life, civil rights, human resources, transportation, energy, education, international relations and defense. This would seem to make sense, being that information is the new capital of the 21st century. In a simplified quip, we are told growing up, that the more you know, the more you grow. This growing has led to careers, high end apartments, and avocado on feta bread in your gentrified Whole Foods neighborhoods. In the midst of a climate of intellectualism and pseudo intellectualism ideas sometimes go without vetting.  One such idea that has been living rent free in the marketplace Afro-Americans shop in is the idea, that it is okay to act against your own interests.

Recently on a SirusXM radio interview with Armstrong Williams, a host that airs a show on “The Urban View”, Ben Carson stated that poverty is a state of mind. One simply has to change how they perceive the world to longer be poor. This is one example among many of the filth that leaves the mind of Carson for a listening audience to consume. Secretary Carson is an anomaly in Black America. During his upbrining he managed to avoid gangs, drugs, inadequate education, poor access to health care, a fatherless home, absentee role models and a subpar diet fit for a healthy and active lifestyle. There are some Black Americans who are able to withstand such trails and tribulations, admittedly with the help of a strong Black woman heading the household. However, the logic that if “I can make it, so can you” is fallacious. Secretary Carson ought to know that poverty is more than a state of mind, since he spent his formative years underneath the poverty line.

This is part and parcel why Black America votes Republican and acts against their own interest, though in small numbers, any vote or belief in favor of the GOP from Black America must be admonished. The theory holds, that government is too involved in the lives of Black America creating a state of dependency. By which Black America is never allowed to flourish on its own, because government will not get out of the way. Though there are many sub arguments, this is the main one.

This argument fails to consider the government aid that bolstered the life prospects for returning White WWII veterans through New Deal policies were not seen as a hindrance. When home loans were given out with favorable interest rates and down payments, government was seen as doing its duty. When the federal government sanctioned slavery in the United States, with lingering affects, mum was the word. Tax policies that benefit the wealthy and affluent through mortgage tax credits and  low capital gains taxes, government is seen as a blessing not a curse. So why, when Black America is given a hand out from government just like the majority culture does daily, we are seen as takers? It is because of a poverty of the mind.

Ben Carson is impoverished as well and so too are other Black Americans who vote, caucus with, agree with, lobby with, favor, and apologize for the Grand Ole’ Party.  The color of the skin of Black Americans places a burden on us. A burden that forces us to go above and beyond to find a productive place in society that does not ring of 21st century share cropping. Secretary Carson is tool, a tool that is used to spew hateful rhetoric in the faces of Black Americans and he is allowed to get away with it, simply because he looks Black. But no, being Black in America is not a matter of skin color anymore. It is a state of mind. A state of mind, that compels you stand up for your people and our cause. Jesus, a Black man, was the first innocent in recorded history to be executed by the state. Secretary Carson’s own religion does not agree with him. Jesus was a socialist who fed the hungry and nourished the poor. As far as I am concerned and those of the same mind, Secretary Carson is not Black in any respect nor does his opinion reflect those of Black America. Any attempt to placate this White man is an overt attempt to silence justice in this country. That includes the interviewer on The Urban View, Armstrong Williams. Enough is enough, Black America will not take this shit any longer.






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