Who Are We ?

On this day, the death anniversary of Tupac Shakur, I am reminded of some of his words, which are, if you ask ten different people who I am, you will receive ten different answers. As we come into our own one realizes, that ideals that are stated in one context can be used in others. This is one of those cases. If prodded to answer the question individually as to who we are, the answer would readily come to mind, however if subjected to answer for the collective of the African American race, what answer would we give in response ? Full well knowing, that the African American community is not a monolith with a set of prescribed beliefs and tenants, but what are the core principles and ideals that bind us together as a people? Who can answer that question ?

In an age where African Americans are incarcerated more than any other ethnic group, subjected to human rights and civil rights violations at every turn and overt politically disorganization, there must come a time where disengage from the daily to-do lists and seek answers. I believe firmly, that the beginning of finding good answers is first having good questions. Questions that include…Can we afford for interracial marriage in an ethnic group that is seeing stagnant population growth? Who will succeed the current politicians in historically African American seats in the state and national legislatures? What is the underline issues that enable interracial conflicts in a major urban areas ? What prevents African Americans from circulating the African American dollar amongst ourselves ? What are the priorities of the African American race ? What has enabled us to strive past bondage to mainstream relevancy ? What relationship should we have with African nations ?What have we benefited from an Obama Administration ? Is there a combined destiny of the upper and lower middle classes in the African American community and if so, what will be done about it?


With every book and article I read, I do not necessarily come to any answers regarding the many questions that haunt me, but rather build the ability to form better questions that draw me closer to the truth and those truths, then catapult me to solutions. What questions about the African American community do you have ? Do you dare ask them aloud ?

In a world that is rapidly changing and reforming, we have return and hold true to all that has brought us this far. To gauge our current state, we only have to look at the state of our historically Black colleges and universities and as recent graduate of an HBCU, the time is long over due to reexamine our beliefs and values to see who we are, otherwise we may face the man in the mirror one day and not recognize the person standing before us.


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