Black Lives Matter Pt. 3: Impactfulness & Conclusion

Now that we have seen the effectiveness and sustainability of Black Lives Matter, this final piece in this three part series will focus on the impact of Black Lives Matter. A movement that is sustain and effective has little to no choice to be impactful with all segments of its approach or fall flat on all fronts.

Wake Forest University and Prairie View A&M University are two examples of institutions that have felt the impact of Black Lives Matter. Co-founder Garza has taken it upon herself to go on a nation wide speaking tour, more specifically, a speaking tour a college institutions. Other members of Black Lives Matter at other individual chapters accepted invitations to speak with the President of the United States on race relations in America. Moreover, the current commission on policing established by President Obama has a member of Black Lives Matter on the roster.

Contrary to the status quo of civil rights movements, Black Lives Matter has given agency to masses of people of color in America. With a simple hashtag or tweet, citizens of color can have an impact on their own communities and realities.

In today’s highly charged its extremely risky to weigh in on anything racially charged, however Black Lives Matter has created an avenue to speak on the issues of race, socioeconomics, race politics and institutional racism. From a national campaign in the St. Louis area after the death an unarmed Black youth, to meeting with the leader of the free world on issues that are germane to the organization to shifting the diction of a nation, Black Lives Matter has shown its impact fulness.

Through the series that has been presented Black Lives Matter has been uncovered and their purpose developed to the point of understanding. The new civil rights moment is urgent and present and the vehicle to drive this change is Black Lives Matter.


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