Black Lives Matter Pt. 2: Sustainability

One of the best indicators of future behavior is past behavior. When we look at Black Lives Matter and there three Black female founders, we se an organization that started form a love letter, an organization that was born of a tweet and hashtag, turned into a national movement. Black Lives Matter, was initiated in 2013 and today it is 2016, so for the answer of short term sustainability, the answer is yes, Black Lives Matter can sustain itself.

With so little in the way of finances and active membership participation was few and far between in the onset of this movement, yet here Black Lives Matter still stands today. Stands as living and breathing organization with over twenty-six chapters across the country, with international chapters as well.

Building upon this line of logic on displayed by Black Lives Matter, is the bottom-up approach to their brand of leadership as opposed to a top-down style of leadership. This allows for each of the 26 individual chapters to relate to their specific geographic locations on a “one on one” approach, the direction of the chapter can match the will of the people in the area and the adaptability of the organization as whole is benefited from this.

Furthermore, my research shows that the national media has a sustained focus on institutional racism violence , a phrase new to the American vocabulary due to Black Lives Matter, thanks to Black Lives Matter call for a change. This signals that not only people of color are clamoring for a change in America today, but segments of the white majority are acknowledging their role in the America we see today. White America would not own its own change, but the pressure placed upon and brought from Black Lives Matter has forced a mirror in front of the face of White America.

With this new found partner in the struggle for an America, where the subaltern can speak  long term success for this movement is attainable. More than theoretical, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement those of the white race are coming to consciousness about institutional racism and the many forms that accompany it. The first step in any problem solving, is first acknowledging that there is a problem. Now that this has been accomplished, the original question of sustainability is yes, Black Lives Matter is sustainable.


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