Black Lives Matter Pt. 1: Effective

When considering a social movement, the first aspect of the movement that should be considered is whether or not it is effective. There have been many movements before the Black Lives Matter Movement, such as, ACT-UP and Occupy Wall Street, but whether or not these movements or just that or moments in history depend heavily upon if they are effective or not. In this first installment of the expose on the Black Lives Matter Movement and their three Black female founders,who present a narrative that is counter to the mainstream saga status quo storyline, the question of their effectiveness is posed.

The Black Lives Matter Movement started in 2013 after the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, gaining national attention after the death of Michael Brown. In as little as two years, President Barack Obama is cited in defending the Black Lives Matter Movement. The leader of the free world in two years time has not only recognized the Black Lives Matter Movement, but has defended its aims. This is the first major show of legitimacy and effectiveness, as the Head of State, Chief Citizen and Command in Chief, the word of the President of the United States carries immense weight.

The President of the United States does not merely enact policies of Congress, but too reflects the dominant school of thought and will of the country. When President Barack Obama spoke these words, he reflected the will of over 300 million Americans. Moreover, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is in line the same mindset as the President, as they have advanced legislation out of committee in 2015 to be taken for consideration of the full U.S. Senate in 2016. It is now a Washington D.C. consensus that the aims that Black Lives Matter advance are the same aspirations, for instance, criminal justice reform, policing reform and government policies that benefit people of color.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton alike have embraced the movement of Black Lives Matter, so not only is the current but half of the general ticket for the presidency of the United States is willing to continue the line of logic postulated by Black Lives Matter. There is no greater marker that can indicate, that yes, Black Lives Matter has been an effective movement. An effective movement with little funding and relatively little activist to support the organized calls to action. It is safe to say that this movement has surpassed even the projections of the founders themselves and have upset the status quo.


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