Black Lives Matter: 3 Part Expose

Black Lives Matter, this term is more than words on a page for some, it is a mantra for the down trodden seeking, shouting, searching for a better way, a better day. The year of 2015 was marked by the movement of Black Lives Matter and all things concerning race, racial justice and racial economics. People of color in the United States took the year to step up and speak out for what it means to be a person of color in America. The history books will be imprinted on the actions of the new civil rights activists and for the actions, it deserves study.

Are the issues plaguing the Black community self inflicted or is the oppression from White America so over powering that it can no longer be avoided, even by the national media? These are the two competing questions when delve into the action of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Is Black on Black crime jargon , which vanishes the men who engineered the racial covenants , who fixed the loss, who planned the housing projects and sold the red ink by the barrel to generate the planned communities we see today. On the flip side, does the every day Black mother care about the underlying philosophical tenants of the Black Lives Matter Movement when her son or daughter is a victim to violence ? Moreover, do Black lives only matter when a state hired gun/police officer is the one doing the murdering ?

However, is shifting the conversation away from the killing of Blacks by white cops , especially unarmed Black kids, is not only just another instance of whites taking over and controlling the discourse? In short, whites are showing that they can do what they please, when they please to do it. Yet, there is no longer the overwhelming and debilitating racism that Blacks faced in the past. Is it time for Blacks to stop playing a victim card and embrace education, the new currency of the 21st century ?

These questions and the search for their solutions cripple the Black community as long as they go without answers. Regardless of the answers, Black Lives Matter has helped mold the Black politic, from asking white politicians to listen, to demanding they enact policies that benefit Black communities. Now they are demanding answers from the Black community through their critical dialogue.

The the next three pieces of the expose will uncover and discover answers to the questions posed previously to determine and develop our understanding of Black Lives Matter to gather if Black Lives Matter should be the new civil rights zeitgeist.


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