An African American male hanging from a tree, noose tied firmly around his neck, while the tree gives none from the conditioning of the many African American males before this nameless,faceless , noncitizen individual before us. With his skin set on fire and his genitals mutilated from hatred and indifference from one of many diffident white male mobs secure in group think. What was this nameless, faceless and noncitizen individual’s crime? Did he dare to dream ? Did he have the audacity to hope ? Did he assemble something recognizable to that of self worth? We will not know, nor do the history books allow us to delve into personal narrative of this nameless, faceless, noncitizen. What we do know is, that this nameless, faceless, noncitizen was not afforded an attorney, a trial by a jury of his peers nor did he have the opportunity to face his accuser in a courtroom setting. The many nameless, faceless, noncitizens African American males, now to include African American transgender, females and homosexual, like their kin in chattel slavery pour their blood out to create the 13 red stripes on the “United” States of America’s flag, more commonly known as “old glory”. Today still in the era of the Civil Rights Movement, blood still pours turning the red of “old glory” crimson red. This day we may add the blood of Tamir Rice to the decadent opulence of spilled African American male,female, homosexual and transgender blood, that has come to make this nation the first grim reaper draped in blood, white and blue.




Special Topics: Gandhi and King taught by Dr. Michael Nojeim(Dr. Mike), at Prairie View A&M University comes along with a syllabus, which Dr. Mike directs the class of upper level political science students to in order to gleam the reading assignments for the week. Henry David Thoreau has the undivided attention of the class for this moment in history and his essay on civil disobedience. If you are provoked by intellectual curiosity to read past, ” government is best which governs least ” you may find Thoreau assert “the only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right.” I affirm that what Thoreau leaves out of this sentence in his tome, is the prerequisite of courage, courage to move to action,then one has within the capcaity to do what is right. Courage to care beyond old YouTube clips of past glorious Civil Rights activists only empowered to face another day; courage to set in action what drives the soul to move past pundits opinions on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Face the Nation and the like and generate opinions of our own. Through diligent study and courage people of color can come to a realization that freedom/liberation is not given but demanded!




This is not a call to action but a call to courage! The same courage that allowed Frederick Douglass to learn to read and write! The same courage that allowed African American legislators to obtain a seat in Congress during Reconstruction!! Courage undergirded with a splice of commitment which buoyed Dred Scott to challenge the Supreme Court of the United States to what they penned to paper!!! The only obligation one has is to do what one believes to be  right at all times! The brothers and sisters slain, their blood cries out and stains the existence of every African woman and man who lacks the courage to do what is right. It is those cowards who have no right to life. We have seen how a race of women and men were turned into brutes, will those same brutes turn themselves into women and men again ?! This is a call to courage !
A college student who knows Obama & The CBC was never enough


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