21st Century Color Line: The New Mason-Dixon Line

Once you cross the Mason-Dixon line you will no longer have to deny your humanity. These words were as true at the inception of the Mason-Dixon line as there are now in the year 2015. The Mason-Dixon line which stretches from the northern border of Maryland to the western border of Texas, skimming across the tops of states such as, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma can better be defined as an international border. When present day thought leaders speak of “Two Americas” they refer to the Mason-Dixon line. No, there are no posted signs informing you that you are leaving one country and entering another, rather the scales of justice titled out of your favor, tacit state legislation lowering you to 2nd class citizen and prisons filed to capacity with your own. W.E.B. Du Bios asserted the issue of the color line in his tome “The Souls of Black Folk” and since we have left his assertion unsolved people of color in America have been given a final solution, “Two Americas”.

At the beginning of the civil war America embraced violence over reason, the arrows of war instead of the olive branch of peace and reconciliation. Despite the Union Army obtaining victory, people of color who are left to live under the Mason-Dixon face a daily struggle for human and civil rights. With SCOTUS declaring the companies deserve the same rights as people, “dark money” has clouded the same democracy that is intended to be a bastion against the evils of injustice. Parents of color are forced to have “the talk”, no, not the one concerning sexual education, but rather how to conduct your self around the 21st century overseer, police officers. Higher education budgets for colleges and universities are continually slashed, as the economy clammers for high skilled workers. Yes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died for the rights of people of color to be counted and represented with the full burden and responsibility of citizenship, only to be offered a two state solution.

At the genesis of America, when former British citizens decided to declare for their right to self govern and went to war with the Britain, France decided to lend a helping hand in establishing our country. The French & Indian War, again as a colony of Britain, America received assistance in War. This pattern of assistance in war continued in war and proxy war from World War to the Vietnam War. Now I ask, which foreign nation will stand on the side of justice and seek to help American citizens claim their rights to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights ? At the end of World War 2, the United States rewrote Japan’s constitution for them. I ask again, who will aid the United States in helping reestablish the rights of the United States constitution to its citizens.

Winston Churchill once claimed that America will do the right thing, only after it has tried everything else. But I say to one, as I would say unto all, people of color in America can not afford to wait that long. 340 years for basic rights of humans to be granted to us, shall people of color wait the equivalent for more rights ? Barack Obama in the DNC keynote address he mentions that there is no Blue & Red america, nor a conservative or liberal America, only the United States of America. Can we say the same about the nation within a nation? If not, then we owe W. E. B. Du Bios our most humble apology for not the most palpable issue in America still, the color line.


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